Highest wash performance with the safest care for the articles being laundered, low energy expenditure and minimum charge of the waste water - these are the requirements that are demanded of a good detergent.

With our innovative product lines Mega Power Powder and Viva Power Fluid we offer you powder and liquid detergents formulated to perform together, or independently, with low optimum dosing levels.

When we developed these detergents, we intentionally aimed at formulangting high-performing concentrates without the need for filler materials.

The advantages are evident:

Low dosage = Savings in packaging, storage and transportation - These are advantages that are indispensable in today’s market.


  • Highly concentrated
  • Highly active
  • Highly effective


cleaning & dry-cleaning

Step one:

Your clothes are sprayed with water then the builders are pumped in that make fabric swollen giving way for another active liquid “the surfactant” to sweep away all dirt ,oil…this process called emulsification, as a result your clothes are cleaned from inside out.

Step two:

Rinsed with clean water 3 times (quality of water tested as qualified) at the end of this process the garments are basically clean.

Step three:

Nevertheless, the clean garments go under extra processes to eliminate chemical residue and balance the PH to ensure they are suitable to human skin. This is also the measure to keep your garments from graying and rust.

Step four:

Finally, another liquid is added to make your fabric softer, elegantly scented, anti-statics and protect your garments from dirt, mould and restructure the fabric to its origin.

Throughout the whole process the finished products will meet the highest standard. For sure, you can recognize the differences when you wear them. An additive technology to increase the brightness of your garments called OBA( Optical Brightening Agent) also in practice.


For dry-cleaning:

We apply the most advanced and up- to- date technology from USA. It's Hydrocarbon instead of Perch solvent. It's environmental friendly and of course does no harm to your skin and health. According to a recent statistics, only 10% of those American biggest dry-cleaners are using this technology.

The US government sets a dead-line for 100% dry-cleaners must implement the technology by the year of 2020. This is a technology revolution of which we are the vanguard.